Functional Transformation Services

Shared Services Set Up

Shared services is a concept that centralizes administrative functions that were previously carried out in different divisions or locations. This approach allows a company to consolidate services like finance, procurement, inventory management, payroll, recruitment, and IT.

Feasibility Assessment

We assist in crafting a clear vision, determining which processes can be centralized, guiding the selection of geographic locations, and collaboratively determining the optimal solution.

Design Phase

We outline the future processes, specifying roles and responsibilities, and detailing the operational flow. This phase ensures that all stakeholders have clarity and alignment, paving the way for streamlined execution

Construction & Evaluation

We aid in formulating policies, crafting user manuals, generating detailed job descriptions, designing process guides, and conducting training and tests on the revamped processes.


We ensure the seamless rollout of the developed solution, managing change comprehensively from start to finish. This revised version provides a clear and concise overview of your shared services offerings.

HR Transformation

The pressing need for HR transformation grows as talent becomes a key competitive edge. Amid hybrid work trends and evolving employee expectations, HR must adapt, aligning strategies with business goals for maximal stakeholder impact.

Redesign of an Effective Org Structure

Crafting a future-ready organizational framework that fosters growth and agility.

HR Policies Aligned with Vision

Aligning HR strategies with your company’s vision for seamless integration and success.

Hire to Exit HRMS System

Streamlining the employee lifecycle with a holistic HRMS solution from recruitment to farewell.

Change Management

Navigating transitions smoothly with strategies that ensure adaptability and resilience.

Virtual CFO

Unlock the experience and expertise of a high-level CFO without the cost of an in-house counterpart. Our Virtual CFO service offers a comprehensive range of financial solutions tailored to your business needs. Our services include:

Business Plan

Develop a solid business plan that outlines your company’s vision, objectives, and financial roadmap to guide your path to success.

Operation Support with Weekly and Monthly Meetings

Benefit from regular virtual meetings with our CFOs who provide strategic guidance and support to ensure seamless operational execution.

Dashboard for Various Operational Metrics

Access custom dashboards that consolidate and visualize key operational metrics, empowering you to make informed decisions in real-time.

Investor Reporting and Financial Modeling

Impress your investors with accurate and insightful financial reports and models that showcase your business’s potential and performance.

Controllership Services

Ensure financial accuracy, compliance, and internal control through our controllership services, providing peace of mind for your financial operations.

Full Managed Finance Services

Outsource your finance function to us entirely, allowing you to focus on core business activities while we handle your financial operations competently.

Staff Augmentation

Staff augmentation involves integrating external talent temporarily to enhance your organization’s capacity. This approach offers flexibility, ensuring you have the right skills on hand exactly when needed.

Temporary Staffing

Not just traditional temporary staffing solutions, but a bridge to fulfill immediate workforce needs with skilled professionals.

Master Vendor Staffing Programs

Comprehensive large-scale staffing initiatives delivered as a full-fledged outsourced service, ensuring seamless integration with your existing teams and processes.

Business Insights

Data analytics encompasses the gathering, processing, and structuring of data to derive insights, forecast trends, and fuel informed decision-making. Leveraging this data-centric approach, businesses can achieve enhanced agility, make strategic moves, and remain ahead in competitive landscapes.

Descriptive Analytics

Beyond just explaining what has occurred historically, we help organizations understand these patterns to optimize current operations. Harnessing these insights, companies can more aptly strategize and respond.

Diagnostic Analytics

While it’s pivotal to ascertain why an event transpired, our services dive deep, unraveling the intricate causes and effects. Our approach ensures a thorough understanding, equipping businesses with knowledge to prevent recurrent issues.

Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics

Our predictive tools don’t just forecast probable future events; combined with our prescriptive analytics, we provide actionable recommendations, allowing businesses to proactively shape their futures and mitigate potential risks.

Business Process Redesign

Business process redesign (BPR) involves a thorough reevaluation of a company’s core operations to enhance efficiency, reduce redundancies, and cut costs. Its effectiveness is typically measured by profitability metrics. Essential for business success is the integrity of process design. Tackling challenges like collaboration hurdles, data silos, or revenue objectives demands a meticulous assessment and revamp of existing processes.

Assessing the Current Process

We evaluate the present workflow to determine whether a radical transformation is warranted or if smaller, targeted enhancements will do. This evaluation provides a clear roadmap for strategic modifications.

Identifying Issues & Defining Necessary Changes

By pinpointing the pain points in current operations and understanding their implications, we can precisely outline the process amendments required. This combined step ensures a holistic approach to process refinement.

Defining KPIs

With clearly outlined Key Performance Indicators, we not only set the standard for success but also offer businesses a way to measure the impact of the redesign continually.

Implementing the Changes

Once redesigned, the process is initiated with precision, ensuring that the transition is smooth, and the desired efficiencies are realized in real-time operations.

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